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Westgate mall Nairobi Kenya siege 23 9 2013
Security forces have taken control of all floors of the Westgate mall, according to the head of Kenya's police force.

NAIROBI — Al Shabaab said their gunmen were behind the attack on Nairobi's popular Westgate shopping mall that killed at least 62 people. The siege continues Tuesday.

French in mali 04 101
Reluctant Western countries may have no choice but to intervene in Africa against the rise of Al Qaeda. A cooperative model might offer some hope.
Aq series6
Rising from the chaos of Somalia, Al Shabaab has become Africa’s most dangerous and far-reaching Al Qaeda affiliate.
Graduation hat
Nigeria’s newest terror group, Ansaru, demonstrates how Africa’s homegrown militants are more and more embracing an Al Qaeda-styled global ideology.
Somalia al shabab 2012 9 7
Local militants groups are hitching onto Al Qaeda’s ideology, giving it new theaters of operation.