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Indonesia mental health schizophrenia 2011 09 12
An estimated 30,000 mentally ill people suffer in chains and cages.

ABANG, Indonesia — Only 2.3 percent of Indonesia's national budget goes toward health care, and less than 1 percent of that amount is put toward mental health.

Anders breivik oslo norway shooting bombing 2012 3 16
The Norwegian mass-killer has prosecutors and shrinks tied in knots over whether he's nuts.
New delhi psychiatry 2012 12 17
India's psychiatrist shortage has become a glaring issue even as the country makes economic strides.
Cambodia 10 03 03 mental health
One of the worst mental health crises in Asia gets precious little attention and money.
Mental health pakistan 2012 12 17
Pakistani doctors say three times as many patients are seeking treatment for mental illness.