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Venezuela oil 2012 10 13
Analysis: Venezuela and the countries it fuels with oil have won six more years of Hugo Chavez's crude deals.

LIMA, Peru — Sitting atop the world’s largest oil reserves and vociferously advocating for his “Bolivarian” brand of socialist revolution, Hugo Chavez’s re-election as president of Venezuela has implications that stretch far beyond his country’s borders. One of the US’s most outspoken critics, “el Comandante” is now set to continue his role as a thorn in Washington’s side — whoever is in the White House — while using Venezuelan crude and petrodollars to push his radical agenda across Latin America.

Hugo chavez raul castro 2012 10 09
Analysis: With Hugo Chavez’s victory in oil-rich Venezuela, Cuba had a good day at the polls.
Chavez obama 2012 10 02
Is Hugo Chavez still as relevant as he believes to a US government that has edged away from the policies of Bush?
Hugo chavez venezuela election 0
Hugo Chavez defeated challenger Henrique Capriles Radonski in Venezuela's presidential election, but only just barely.
Caribia venezuela 2012 10 04
Venezuelans, especially those who’ve received free homes, say their everlasting leader is the only president that’s done anything for them.