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Gun show
The world’s biggest importer of firearms is also the top exporter — and the main obstacle to a UN treaty on the skyrocketing small arms industry.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — It’s no secret the United States is the world’s leading weapons exporter by far. However, America is also the top importer, a driving force behind a major increase in the global small-arms industry. Washington was chiefly responsible for the collapse of talks last summer on a UN arms trade treaty — a reflection of the vast political influence wielded by the US gun lobby, which is spending tens of millions of dollars to ensure the highly lucrative industry keeps expanding.

Mexico guns 11 28 2012
Lax regulation and corruption enable a flood of small arms to reach Mexico’s deadly drug cartels.
Herstal 10 24 2012
Europeans juggle concern over the impact of small arms sales with the need to generate employment.
Us kalashnikov
Russia is looking to new markets to make up for shrinking military sales. You may be surprised where most AK-47 rifles end up.
Africa arms
The Chinese are bidding to beat the US as the largest source of illicit small arms.