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Africa entrepreneurs business 2012 6 3
Continent's businesspeople need some basics in order to start 'doing it for themselves.'

BOSTON — It would be great to say that Africa’s entrepreneurs are ‘doing it for themselves.’ But that’s not exactly the case. Work needs to be done to create environments where emerging businesspeople can thrive.

South africa small business 2011 5 32
Television show illustrates how 18 years after apartheid blacks still struggle to start their own businesses.
Africa inc 01013311
One of the few black-owned wineries in South Africa wins recognition
Africa small business 2012 5 31
Where is the best place to start a business in Africa? There are several factors to consider including reliable electricity and the level of corruption.
Ivory coast entrepreneur africa business 2012 6 3
High finance entrepreneur Michel Abrogoua works to return Ivory Coast to prosperity.