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Brazil drought goat 2014 02 13
One of the world's worst droughts has been quietly killing farms in northeastern Brazil. GlobalPost took a weeklong trip to see how they're faring.

RECIFE — In economic terms, northeastern Brazil's drought was the fourth-worst natural disaster to hit the planet last year, costlier than even the western United States drought, for a total cost of almost $9 billion, according to analysts. And in much of the region it's ongoing.

Brazil drought cow skull 2014 02 13
How drought is sapping the mojo from Brazil's cowboy capital.
Brazil drought land 2014 02 13
The past two years were about as bad as superstition predicted. Will 2014 be a turnaround?
Carro pipa 1
Severe droughts used to kill people along with crops and cows. Something's very different this time around.