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New theater budapest echoes of hitler 1 2012 03 30
Two directors, one theater and the rise of Nazi ideology in Eastern Europe.

BUDAPEST – A political tug-of-war over an historic theater in the Hungarian capital has reignited concerns about growing anti-Semitism in this Eastern European nation.

Ukraine ultranationalists echoes hitler 2021 03 30
Meet Svoboda, an up-and-coming party in Ukraine. It's nationalist, pro-Nazi, and poised for the parliament.
Massacre memorial 2012 03 30
The European Union has some clout, but it can't change public opinion.
Roza 3
Diners are encouraged to haggle for their meal at this Ukrainian eatery. Yep, it's that offensive.
Riga echoes of hitler 2012 03 30
Where is all this pro-Nazi sentiment coming from? The answer lies partly in history.