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Egypt nile grip 2012 4 6
Political uncertainty in post-revolution Egypt is allowing other Nile states to wrest control of the world’s longest river.

A 1959 colonial-era treaty brokered by Great Britain gave Egypt, and to a lesser extent Sudan, unrivaled “historic rights” over nearly all of the Nile River’s resources. But now all that could be changing as upstream states like Ethiopia and Burundi seize on Egypt’s post-revolution political uncertainty to finally wrest at least some control of the world’s longest river.

Egypt nile water shortages 2012 4 6
As Egypt loses its grip on the Nile and its population soars, food and water scarcity are becoming a serious problem.
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Ethiopia, at Egypt's expense, plans massive projects to make use of its 900-mile-long section of the Blue Nile.
Egypt unrest nile water protests 2012 4 6
Will Egypt’s impending food and water crisis spark another uprising?
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Ethiopians hope to finally wrest some control of the Nile, and its life-giving water, from Egypt.