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Obama romney 10 17 2012
Mitt Romney asserts President Obama has apologized for America and American values. True or false?

Mitt Romney accuses President Obama of apologizing for America and American values. Is the commander in chief and American apologist?

Bashar al assad headshot
The Romney campaign charges President Obama with calling Assad a reformer as he kills thousands of Syrians. Is this fair?
Greece protests rights
Romney accuses Obama of threatening a European-style economic crisis. Is that accurate?
Honduras drug war 2012 07 14
Romney wants more trade with the Americas and fumes at Obama for suggesting sit-downs with Chavez and Castro. But most Latin America issues were absent.
Romney asia donations 2012 10 08
Accusing Obama of being passive, Romney vowed to boost ties with US partners. How do Washington’s European allies view a Romney presidency?