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Afghanistan wedding 2013 3 15
By addressing social injustices — like the price of marriage — the Taliban has no trouble winning hearts and minds.

MAIDAN WARDAK, Afghanistan — A letter nailed to the doors and walls of mosques notified people in Maidan Wardak province of the Taliban's latest decree. When word spread, the insurgents had gained more supporters without firing a shot. The order addressed an issue that residents increasingly viewed as a threat to Afghan and Islamic culture: the rising cost of marriage.

Afghanistan uruzgan civil strife 2013 02 18
And it ain't pretty.
Kabul unrest afghanistan 252013
With the West focused on Afghanistan’s countryside and military withdrawal, parts of the capital are slipping into lawlessness.
Afghan winter 4
As temperatures drop to well below freezing, the country seems no closer to lasting peace or long-term economic stability.
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With foreign troops leaving, a crucial phase in the struggle for Afghanistan's future is set to unfold.