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North korea missile
Missile that could reach as far as Okinawa and Guam may be launched from North Korea's eastern coast in the next few days, worrying international observers.

SEOUL — North Korea likely has the ability to place a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile, but the weapon may not be reliable, according to an assessment by the US military's spy agency revealed Thursday. It was the US government's first public confirmation that North Korea may have succeeded in its effort to miniaturize a nuclear device that could be fixed on a ballistic missile.

North korea missile east sea march 15 2013
The North Korean army said it has final approval to launch military strikes on the United States.
South Korean workers are barred entrance to the joint park but are allowed to leave, as tensions ratchet up between North and South.
Us missile defense system guam north korea
The Pentagon confirmed that a ballistic missile defense system is being sent to Guam, in a precautionary move against North Korea.
South korea tank 2013 04 02
Analysts say North Korea's threat to revamp nuclear facilities should be taken very seriously.