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Nra press conference twitter rage december 21 2012
Has Twitter ever been as angry as it is over NRA's solution to murdered first-graders?

The NRA's executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, took to the podium and blamed violent video games and the mentally ill for the tragedy in Newtown.

Nra presser newtown shooting december 21 2012
A protester disrupted the live conference, shouting, "NRA, stop killing our children!" A second yelled, "Ban assault weapons now!”
Brazil sandy hook memorial 2012 12 18
Brazil, scarred by Rio’s school shooting last year, sends a message of solidarity with the victims of Newtown.
Gun laws changed after shootings australia scotland finland
Do gun control debates ever change anything? In these countries they did.
China henan stabbing newtown sandy hook attack 2012 12 17
Many Chinese netizens directed their anger at state media, for playing up America’s tragedy while ignoring their own.

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