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Eu flag 10 08 2013
The EU is extending its hand to Ukraine and Moldova, but no one’s talking about membership.

BRUSSELS — The European Union has reaffirmed its commitment to pulling Ukraine and Moldova further into its orbit, offering a string of landmark cooperation agreements to be signed next month — and standing behind them in the face of mounting Russian pressure. But don’t get the wrong impression: Brussels isn’t looking for new members anytime soon.

Putin 10 07 2013
Moscow is challenging the European Union’s Eastern Partnership with an alliance of its own.
Moldova protest 10 08 2013
Russian pressure isn’t the only obstacle in the drive toward the EU.
Yanukovych 10 08 2013
The president may have stiff-armed Russia and opted for Europe, but his autocratic tendencies remain.
Khreshchatyk 10 10 2013
Ukraine and Moldova are set to take big strides toward Europe. But is that what people there really want?