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Bani walid rebels
I've heard reporters say Libya was the perfect war. It was anything but perfect.

We were getting nervous. We knew the boys driving were scouting the road ahead, and maybe on their own initiative. Anton, the most experienced journalist in the group, mumbled something about it being risky. We could feel our guts begin to tighten. Manu and I looked at each other. But said nothing.

Inside gadaffis libya sirte 16 02 2012
After his capture, Foley and two others are blindfolded and taken to Sirte.
James foley prison
They were all political prisoners, arrested under the wide umbrella of treason.
Inside gaddafis libya the trial 16 02 2012
After two days of captivity, the journalists are taken to Tripoli for trial.
The villa inside gaddafi 16 02 2012
After over a month in captivity, Foley's journey takes a surreal turn.