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Juarez focus 2013 10 31
Mexico’s onetime murder capital is making a spectacular, however tenuous, comeback. The rest of Mexico, and the world, should watch closely.

CIUDAD JUAREZ — This city’s former cauldrons of carnage may now prove vanguards of Mexico’s long-promised peace. They’re providing a road map for a nationwide pacification campaign in gangster-spawning communities being rolled out by President Enrique Peña Nieto. Will the peace last? Many think not. Nearly all the causes of the violence remain, lurking. But a hopeful few are determined to rebuild.

Juarez chef1
‘What a good thing that we can go out at night for dinner again,’ says a Juarez chef who’s returned from exile in Texas.
Football still
The Juarez Jaguars fight violence with football.
With their winning football team Jaguares, Mexico’s bad news city can’t lose.
Chef Oscar Herrera returns to Juarez after moving to El Paso to flee the violence.