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Mexico city pollution 7 16
The Americas now face the challenge of coping with the inevitable, potentially devastating impacts of climate change.

LIMA, Peru — From Tierra del Fuego to Tijuana, Latin America is highly vulnerable to climate change, which is expected to trigger a series of natural disasters that could even reverse local victories in the fight against poverty.

Andes glacier 2012 7 16
Atop one of Ecuador’s highest peaks, climate change is unmistakable — and threatening the future.
Mexico drought 2012 07 16
‘Is it really a drought or the region’s new climate?’ asks a climate expert.
Dead mangrove trees jut out of the encroaching sand
Salvadoran villagers say rising water is destroying their coast.
Peru lima water kindergarten 2012 07 16
Climate change imperils sprawling Lima, already one of the world’s driest cities.