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Mexico drug war prison 2012 09 26
A massive, front-door prison walkout exposes gaping holes in Mexico’s corrections system.

MEXICO CITY — The news was disturbing: 132 inmates burrowed through a tunnel and out of the prison in Piedras Negras, near the Texas border. What followed was a familiar narrative. Local officials pointed the finger at the usual suspects, Los Zetas. Along the way, the awful truth emerged. The inmates had actually walked out the prison door.

Peru lurigancho prison 2012 05 13
There's nothing quite like Lurigancho, Peru’s largest prison. GlobalPost gets inside, and finds some surprises.
Incarceration 2012 5 11 j
There’s always a party, everyone is armed, and prisoners sometimes engage in gladiatorial fights to the death.
Incarceration 2012 5 11 2
With prisons overloaded, police turned anything from old buses to horse stables into detention centers. Rio de Janeiro is cracking down.
Incarceration 2012 5 11 f
The region’s overcrowded prisons are deadly and churn out the real hardened criminals.

Occupancy levels of prisons by country in 2011 

(All data was provided by the International Center for Prison Studies)


Comparing 1992 and 2010 incarceration rates by country


Comparing 1992 and 2010 prison population growth by country