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Medical marijuana 2014 04 18
While officials in Uruguay debate the possibility, we got curious how it would even work. Here's what we found.

MONTEVIDEO — Uruguay's top counternarcotics official denied reports that the government will wean inmates off drugs with marijuana. But we got curious: How would that work exactly if they were to do it? Here's what we found.

Uruguay marijuana 2013 08 01
Uruguay's marijuana bill passed the lower house and looks set to become law, making this small nation the first to regulate the whole chain of pot production.
Morales 03 21 2013
Although criticized by Washington, Bolivia’s softer approach to fighting drugs may work better than US-designed strategies in Peru and Colombia.
Marijuana 2012 09 27
… growing it is another matter. Now, the president wants a state marijuana monopoly. Stoners are peeved.
Mexico marijuana 2012 11 09
Tuesday’s marijuana legalization votes could spark a movement that stems a key revenue stream for drug cartels.