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Somalia mogadishu politics elections corruption
Political change is afoot in Mogadishu. But old habits die hard.

MOGADISHU, Somalia — In a field of dozens of candidates, President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed is confident of re-election later this month. It’s a sign that while in many ways everything is changing for Somalia, in other ways nothing is. In Mogadishu’s corridors of power, all the talk is of “ending the transition.” The political jostling is frenetic. But widely reported corruption is dashing the hopes of many here.

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With the war over, a ragtag team of underpaid cops is handling security in Mogadishu.
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With a new peace settling in Somalia, the country's diaspora is coming home and cashing in.
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Mogadishu, for the first time in two decades, is a relatively peaceful place to live.
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