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North korea mass games arirang festival 3 20110908
Some defectors say an increasing awareness of the outside world ultimately drove them from home.

SEOUL — Every defector who arrives in South Korea brings with them a unique story of why and how they left the North. They are united, though, by a belief that life in the prosperous South will make up for the pain of separation from loved ones and the risks they took to get here.

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Kenji Fujimoto correctly predicted the Kim dynasty chain of succession. He was right about North Korea's rocket launch, too.
North korea daily life18 2011 04 09
Kim Su Ryeon, 23, said she was inspired by watching James Bond films.
Nk defectors 2012 3 25
Defectors say life in South Korea is harder than expected.
North korea daily life17 2011 04 09
Kwon Su Jong, 23, defected because she had no idea how to make a living.