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Nicaragua sandinista youths 2012 12 18
Some Nicaraguans gripe that they’ve traded a US-propped dictatorship for a Venezuela-propped one. But has Ortega sown the seeds of his own destruction?

MANAGUA — Since sliding into power in 2007 with a narrow victory over a balkanized opposition, President Ortega has used the power of government to grow his minority Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) into a dominating, one-party system.

Chavez sign nicaragua 2012 10 05
President Daniel Ortega is a close ally of Chavez, and his Sandinista friends have profited from the Venezuelan strongman’s oil-funded club, ALBA.
Nicaragua camp harbour 2012 11 03 jump
Despite a world court order to keep away, Nicaragua's teen training sits on land Costa Rica claims as its own.
Nicaragua army contras 2012 07 27
1980s Contra collaborators are reorganizing in Miami to lobby for funding for an alleged rearmed rebel movement in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua poverty 2012 06 21
Nicaraguan business leaders fear economic 'atomic bomb' if US cancels further support.