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South kordofan 5 6 2012 1
As Khartoum bombs civilians and cuts relief routes, residents huddle starving in caves.

NUBA MOUNTAINS — Since June, daily bombings have rained down fire and death on the people of the Nuba Mountains, forcing thousands to leave their homes for the rocky hills, where countless crevices and caves offer some protection. Unable to plant crops in their fields, the civilians South Kordofan are now going hungry.

South kordofan 5 6 2012 5
The Yida camp is growing quickly as Khartoum bombs Nuban civilians, and deploys hunger as a weapon. Meanwhile, the international community shrugs.
South kordofan 5 6 2012 10
But Sudan’s air power means Nuba Mountains will continue to be pounded.
South kordofan 5 6 2012 7
Deep in South Kordofan, GlobalPost visits the unified opposition’s military commander, who vows to install “liberal values.”
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As Chinese workers come under attack and as violence escalates using Chinese bombs, can Beijing remain neutral?