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Sex work intro ready
In a four-part series, GlobalPost looks at the changing nature of sex work in Britain.

LONDON — There’s no template for the kind of people who do sex work, why they started in the business, what services they offer or how they integrate work and personal lives. Like in any industry, there are people who hate their work and want out. Others enjoy what they do and fiercely oppose the suggestion that theirs is a lesser occupation or that it should be illegal. GlobalPost looks at just a few of the issues affecting the sex industry in Britain today.

Westminster brothels 08 28 2013
With more brothels than any other, London’s central district navigates the legal, illegal and everything in between.
Josh brandon 08 23 2013
For one young Londoner, success is as much about marketing as sex.
Uk prostitution demo 08 27 2013
Approaches to regulating paid sex vary widely, and there’s no end in sight to the debate.
Prostitute 08 27 2013
Sex workers are far more likely to be victims of crime. They’re also more likely to keep silent about it.