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Peng liyuan xi jinping wife pr asset
Analysis: The West thought China's market reforms would inevitably lead to democracy. The West was wrong. Here's how China really works.

SHANGHAI — For decades, the West has confidently believed that China’s embrace of capitalism would usher in freedom and democracy. Investors, the markets and the rising middle class would demand it. Yet today, China is hardly any more democratic. Instead, its leaders have embraced another great Western innovation — spin – to ensure their monopoly on power.

Mao ted talk 20130806
How Beijing’s Berkeley hippy wooed chardonnay liberals into embracing Chinese communism.
China constitutionalism 20130813
The new president’s “rule of law” campaign apparently doesn't apply to the Communist Party.
China twitter sina weibo fish kill
The Communist Party seeks to tame China's savage social media sphere.
China tianamen square
In prominent articles, China’s Communist mouthpiece assails American democracy.