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Petraeus afghanistan 2012 11 15
Analysis: The savior of Iraq, the hero of Afghanistan — what is the reality behind the hype?

BUZZARDS BAY, Mass. — The rhetoric surrounding David Petraeus’ fall from grace has been nothing short of epic. The tawdry affair of the general and the biographer has assumed the proportions of a Shakespearean tragedy, complete with a tragically flawed hero and an evil temptress. The media has been gushing, even fawning, in its description of Petraeus’ accomplishments, and his disgrace is being portrayed as a national disaster. The reality is much more mundane.

petraeus benghazi hearings capitol hill
The former CIA Director testified before the Congress on Sept. 11 attack on US consulate in Benghazi.
Egypt obama election
From a street market in Pakistan to a newsstand in Peru, people across the globe voice their minds over America's new scandal.
Obama Petraeus 2012 11 14
The CIA director’s resignation could have big repercussions for President Obama — but not yet.
Petraeus pr 2012 11 13
Following the departure of Gen. David Petraeus, we chatted with Andrew Butler, a brand strategist, to find out what he would do if America was his client.