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Africa economy 2012 5 24
New mobile services mean that now, subsistence workers have access to banks. That’s changing lives.

LONDON – Vast distances, high costs and unstable incomes. Those are just some of the challenges faced by millions of Africa’s poorest trying to access financial services in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Until recently, commercial banks hadn’t bothered to reach out to impoverished Africans in rural areas because they saw little profit potential. That’s changing. 

Brics 2012 6 1
Eight strategies for managing investments in the much-hyped, now-teetering big emerging markets.
Arzuhan dogan yalcindag
Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag is one of several women from prominent Turkish families in a key leadership position. How she does it.
Hajj app mecca 2012 05 09
A German computer scientist has come up with a smartphone app to help Muslims navigate in Mecca.
Russian google yandex 2012 04 30
The Russian search engine has mastered the art of search for its unique audience. Now, it's looking beyond its own borders.