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Special Reports

Income inequality is surging, and there are few countries where it is rising faster than the United States. The distance between rich and poor is greater in America than nearly all other developed countries, making the US a leader in a trend that economists warn has dire consequences. GlobalPost sets out on a reporting journey to get at the ‘ground truth’ of inequality through the lenses of education, race, immigration, health care, government, labor and natural resources. The hope is to hold a mirror up to the US to see how it compares to countries around the world.

20130115 ct poor
America's wealthiest metropolitan area also one of country's least equal.
20130115 bangkok rich
Americans think of Bangkok as embodying the rich-poor divide of the developing world, but some US areas are beginning to rival it.
20130114 bangkok inequality still
Photojournalist Ed Kashi documents income inequality in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Bangkok, Thailand.