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Special Reports

In the majority of the world, gender inequality holds strong despite laws designed to protect women’s rights. The laws and customs governing women’s property, labor and bodies are often written and enforced by men in a manner that favors their own interests. Women, as a result, are forced to appeal to men’s decision-making on issues concerning their own well-being. 

20140126 egypt laws of men
Ninety-one percent of Egyptian women ages 15-49 have undergone female genital mutilation. Though the practice is illegal, Monday's conviction was the first.
20150121 ruzel church
Half of all pregnancies in the predominantly Catholic Philippines are unintended. That may change as the country rolls out its new reproductive health law.
DRC LofM 43014
The ongoing trial is the first, and largest, of its kind for DRC, with 39 soldiers standing accused before the military court.