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Anti-Christian rally sparks fears in central India

After the Supreme Court justified violence against missionaries, Hindu fundamentalists get active

A Hindu fundamentalist gathering in central India has raised fears of a campaign against Christians, the Calcutta Telegraph reports.


Dec. 10: Live photo discussion - dramatic images of the Afghan surge

In recent months, we've been featuring the photography of Ben Brody, an exclusive GlobalPost embed covering the surge in Kandahar. Ben's often-searing images offer a unique window on the battlefield of America's longest war.

Burma on the brink?

[swf file="timeline/audio/Burma_Patrick_Winn.mp3" | autostart=no]   GlobalPost: Good morning and welcome. It’s Thursday, November 18. I’m David Case, editor of GlobalPost’s member and research programs. We have a very special call for you this morning. I have Patrick Winn on the phone with us from Jakarta, Indonesia. Today we’ll be speaking about the latest developments in Burma. Patrick is normally our Bangkok correspondent, but today he joins us from Jakarta, Indonesia, where he’s on assignment.
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