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Volcano tourism in eastern Congo

Where to try pirates: Kenya? US?

NAIROBI, Kenya — Nine young Somali men were squeezed into the wood-paneled dock while overhead a ceiling fan battled vainly against the crushing coastal humidity that left judge, lawyers, accused and witness alike sweating in the shabby Kenyan courtroom. The suspects were accused of attempting to hijack the 21,000-ton MV Maria K in May last year.

Togo's voodoo fetish markets do brisk trade

LOME, Togo — Roman Catholic priest Michel Badagbor can only wonder just how many of his parishoners visit the fetish market, where remedies to block evil spells and "juju" can be bought to ensure prosperity. “We don’t know who goes there and comes here,” he said outside St. Maria Goretti church. “When someone informs me, we call that person. We try to resolve these problems.”

Opinion: Stopping the LRA is not all about Kony

NAIROBI, Kenya — “I just don’t understand why we cannot end this scourge,” said Hillary Clinton in February, dismayed and perplexed at why the Lord’s Resistance Army is still spilling blood on the soil of central Africa. The question troubles many a sympathetic soul.

Opinion: Invest in women to halve Africa's hunger

NAIROBI, Kenya — Over 200 million additional people have been pushed into hunger in the past three years as a result of the food and financial crises. The U.N. estimates that some one billion people now go hungry. Empowering women small scale farmers through financial support and technology is key to sustainable agricultural development, and can work towards the Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger by 2015, according to "Fertile Ground" a new report by ActionAid.

Sudan's al-Bashir wins in result set to split country

NAIROBI, Kenya — The election victory of Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir, wanted for alleged war crimes committed in Darfur, paves the way for Africa’s largest country to split in two next year. Bashir is claiming a tarnished victory as the polls were marked by glaring flaws noted by observer groups, but Western powers are expected to accept the result.

Sierra Leone boosts infant health care

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Barack Obama isn’t the only president facing opposition to a new health care plan. Today, to mark Sierra Leone's 49th anniversary of the country's independence from Britain, President Ernest Bai Koroma is launching a free health care program for women and children, but lack of funds and a strike by medical workers at the government hospital, nearly put the initiative in jeopardy.

Opinion: Not just World Malaria Day

KIGALI, Rwanda — If you’re tapped in to the internet, Twitter, Hollywood, or just generally following what’s happening in the world, there’s little chance you won’t hear of the extraordinary developments in the global fight against malaria.

Five Frames: Best photos of the week

BOSTON — From GlobalPost's editors, a selection of the best pictures of the week. A man works at an orchard in Vakifli, Turkey, the country's last surviving Armenian village. Read about how, as Armenians stop to reflect on Ottoman-era mass killings today, a survivor quietly moves on. (Nichole Sobecki/GlobalPost)

Opinion: Toilets are not glamorous

WASHINGTON — Over 800 villagers lined up one day last month to celebrate the installation of a new public toilet in Janadesar, a tiny community in India’s Rajasthan desert. They had reason to celebrate the event, because a toilet is not taken for granted in rural Rajasthan, where only one in eight people has access to one. What is shocking is that this is not unusual. Worldwide, about 2.5 billion people — 40 percent of the global population — do not have access to basic sanitation. Most of those without access live in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
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