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Enemies at the Gate

Much has been written about the ongoing Bangkok stand-off between troops and anti-government protesters. Some of it has been misinformed and tacky. Other articles have proven insightful and inspiring.

Opinion: The fall of Saigon

BOSTON — April 29th, 35 years ago, was a day of fear, sorrow, uncertainty in what would be the last day of the Republic of South Vietnam. People milled through the streets, many wailing and in tears. Crowds surrounded the American Embassy as helicopters began the final and humiliating American evacuation after 35 years of effort — first supporting the French, and then on our own.

Pakistan — beyond the stereotypes

India health: Spit and polish?

NEW DELHI, India — New Delhi's All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is, arguably, India's best hospital. But even though patients travel for hours – even days – to seek treatment here, they don't show the same respect inside its hallowed walls. A new survey shows that a whopping 90 percent of them spit inside the hospital building, raising the risks of dangerous hospital-acquired infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and swine flu.

"War criminals" gather to gloat

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Afghan capital was rocked with explosions and gunfire on Wednesday, but for once it wasn't the insurgency looking for attention. This time, it was the military — celebrating Mujahideen Victory Day, the date in 1992 when the combined forces that, with the generous help of the United States, had earlier chased out the Soviets finally toppled the Communist-backed regime of Mohammad Najibullah.

North Korea: the drumbeats of war

ATLANTA — North Korea recently threatened to “mercilessly destroy” its foes. That didn’t elicit much reaction abroad. After all, the terms were similar to threats uttered countless times during and since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Sperm donor shortage dampens Aussie hopes

SYDNEY, Australia — The line goes like this: "You’ve got millions to spare, we only need one." There is such a critical shortage of sperm donors in Australia that one of the country’s major IVF companies has taken desperate measures — an advertising campaign targeting men’s ‘‘generosity.’’ In Australia, it is illegal to have a commercial (buy or sell) arrangement for human tissue, including sperm, eggs and embryos, so would-be parents rely on donations.

radiation leak in delhi claims first victim

 About a week after I visited the scrap markets of Mayapuri, the radiation leak traced to 11 different sources of Cobalt 60 claimed its first life, reports the Press Trust of India (PTI). Hospitalized early this month, 35-year-old Rajender -- who worked at the shop where the first sample of Cobalt 60 was discovered -- died due to multiple organ failure, the agency quotes the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as saying.

Getting married in Pakistan? Make it quick

Upheaval in Thailand

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