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The top 10 most-read GlobalPost stories in 2013 prove you hate America, among other things

You also like weed. And you really can't believe how much pollution there is in China.

Belgium Senate approves bill to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children

The Senate voted 50-17 in favor of making the change to the legislation, which is opposed by religious leaders in the country.

It's 'Suspended Coffee Day'!

The economic crisis that has been plaguing the euro zone since late 2009 has caused many unsavory developments. Entire governments have folded and poverty has skyrocketed. The stories we hear aren't usually happy ones. But here's one that heats the belly as it warms the heart. 

Xaver storm hits Europe as tidal surge threatens UK

LONDON, UK — On Friday, Britain assessed the damage of a storm that killed two people, forced thousands from their homes and threatened the nation with the biggest tidal surge in 60 years before moving on to Europe.

ICC is a good deal for the money — and for international justice

Commentary: Hampered by limited jurisdiction and insufficient funding, the International Criminal Court is making progress.
Icc buildingEnlarge
The International Criminal Court in the Hague. (Juan Vrijdag/AFP/Getty Images)
THE HAGUE – Pedaling up to the recent World Forum on my muddied fixed-gear Dutch bike, I passed a phalanx of polished German-made autos all bearing diplomatic plates. (By my count, BMW won out over Mercedes two-to-one.) We were all heading to the same venue in The Hague as representatives from 122 countries gather for the 12th annual Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC). One of the mundane but critical agenda items concerns the Court’s 2014 budget and whether member states will approve a 9.5 percent increase over last year. To put the $15 million increase into perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to the cost of one BMW series 7 for each member state. Is it a good deal? You bet it is. Following back-to-back genocides in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, the “never-again” optimism of the 1990s spawned the Hague-based permanent tribunal. Since 2002 it has indicted 36 individuals (excluding currently sealed indictments) from eight countries.

What's the best airport to be stuck in?

What if there was an airport that you actually looked forward to being stuck in? Is it possible? According to this list of favorites, it may be. 

Dutch art heist thieves sentenced to nearly 7 years in prison

The mastermind behind a daring Dutch art heist last year is sentenced to nearly seven years in prison.

Ex Belgian king says 923,000 euros not enough to live on

Albert II, the Belgian king who abdicated in July, believes his yearly state allowance of 923,000 euros is too little to live on and wants an increase, press reports said Thursday. "He says he has not been treated as he had hoped and that he now finds himself in difficulty," one unnamed source told Le Soir daily. Up until his abdication after 20 years as king, Albert enjoyed a tax-free allowance of 11.5 million euros ($15 million) to pay for the upkeep of the royal household.

Dutch ask sea tribunal to free Greenpeace activists

HAMBURG — The Netherlands asked an international court on Wednesday to order Russia to release 30 people detained during a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic at a tribunal Moscow refused to attend.
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