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Brazil: Iran's best friend in the West?

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Brazil and Iran are hardly the tightest of allies, but an outside observer would be forgiven for thinking differently after this week.

Rio: fit for the Olympics?

 Top News: Unusually heavy rains for April turned disastrous in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area last week, bringing the city to a stop for a few days and resulting in over 225 deaths, mostly caused by mudslides toppling hillside slums.  The single biggest cause of death was in the Morro do Bumba, in neighboring Niteroi, where about fifty

Approximately 200 Buried In Landslide

Brazil is watching live this morning as workers struggle to clear debris from a landslide in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro state, that buried as many as 40 houses and stores, and a day care center, built on a former garbage dump last night at around 10 p.m.

Flooding in Rio

Heavy rains flooded Rio de Janeiro state last night and into today, causing an ever-growing number of deaths and injuries and paralyzing the city. The current death toll is 95, according to Globo’s G1 news site, which has been posting photos and videos of the flooding.

Update on "Brazil: Public Accusations of Corruption"

The following is an update to the story originally published on Dec. 18, 2009. On Jan. 12, 2010, Henrique Flory and Ronaldo Bianchi arrived at a settlement to Bianchi’s lawsuit against Flory for defamation in a letter he had written to Joao Sayad, the Sao Paulo State Secretary of Culture and Bianchi's boss.

Opinion: Improving slums, one step at a time

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — High on a hillside west of Rio, workers in the Tijuacu favela smooth mortar on bricks near shiny sewage treatment tanks, and carry bags of concrete on their shoulders to a new gravity-fed water system at the edge of the forest. Soccer fields punctuate the base of the steep slope, cluttered with makeshift homes.

Marketing to Brazil's emerging middle class

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Armed with a list of 70 names and addresses, a pile of surveys and a box of plastic bottles, Luciana Tavares and Elane Rosa Da Silva Freitas set out last week in search of their target population: denture wearers.

Opinion: Let’s hear it for urban agriculture

NEW YORK — Growing food in cities isn’t a new concept for the poor. Rural farmers forced to migrate to urban areas in the developing world in search of work have long turned to their agricultural skills as a way of feeding themselves and their families when all else fails. It is only recently that urban agriculture has garnered attention in the first world, something many attribute to the growing popularity and romanticizing of small-scale organic farming.

Lula attempts Mideast diplomacy

Top News:  Lula made a somewhat ill-fated trip to the Middle East to try to insert Brazil into the peace process.

On Location: Suzano, Brazil — Fixing favelas

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