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China suicides: Is Apple headed for a consumer backlash?

BEIJING, China — As Apple released the iPad today across Europe and Japan, a key supplier in China continued fortifying factory buildings with anti-suicide nets and bracing against a growing tide of public criticism about working conditions after 10 apparent employee suicides this year — including one this week hours after the company chief visited.

Opinion: Victory for Obama, by way of Pyongyang

NEW YORK — One of the many theories about North Korea which appears to float on thin air goes something like this: China, the one country with real leverage over crazy Kim and his gulag, loves the status quo. Like that guy in your neighborhood who walks around with a pit bull straining against its leash, the Chinese parade their influence on the Pygmy of Pyongyang, as if to remind the neighborhood that without the strong hand of Beijing, Kim Jong-il’s steroid-fed army of Stalinist zealots would run amok all over East Asia.

US-China relations: 5 things you need to know

BEIJING, China — With top-level U.S.-China talks set for Beijing this week, Sino-American relations are once again grabbing headlines. Here are five things you should know about the U.S.-China relationship. 1. It’s never been easy

Two sides of globalization

In Taiwan, an old-fashioned globalization debate

TAINAN and LINKOU, Taiwan — Cabdriver Chang doesn't like the deal. Weaving through traffic in the balmy, temple-studded southern city of Tainan, he lets loose on why a proposed Taiwan-China trade deal — the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) — is bad for Taiwan. Taiwanese will lose jobs, he says. Taiwan's president is "selling out" the island. And Taiwan firms can't compete with the dirt-cheap "China price" made possible by low-wage labor.

China business: The dragon eyes the tiger

BANGALORE, India — The Chinese are out to conquer the world, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the India operations of the giant Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies. Against the backdrop of deeply rooted suspicion about a Chinese company making inroads in a politically sensitive area like telecom, Chinese employees of Huawei have hit upon a new strategy to win over their subcontinental customers: doing in India as the Indians do.

China soul searching after kindergarten massacres

BEIJING, China — Not so long ago, it was popular in China to point at school shootings in the United States as evidence of major problems in American society. These days, after spate of horrifying mass murders at primary schools across this country, China is doing some soul-searching of its own into what leads to random school killings. Voicing an ever-common sentiment in China, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the recent outbreak of deadly school violence is indicative of underlying social problems.

Expo extravaganza

 Top News: Shanghai finally opened the much-awaited World Expo. The opening ceremony, which was supposed to be a low-key affair, ended with spectacular fireworks erupting off of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

A Romance: Two Belles in Love

Lesbians in China: less "threatening" than gay men?

BEIJING, China — The two women, in flowing robes of silk, caress each other and sing sweet nothings. “We’ll sleep on the same pillow tonight,” they serenade in unison.
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