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Iraq readying 'major attack' to retake Fallujah

The takeover of Fallujah and parts of provincial capital Ramadi farther west is the first time that militants have exercised such open control in major cities since the height of the bloody insurgency that followed the US-led invasion of 2003.

Many residents of Fallujah flee, fearing major battle

A senior security official in Anbar said Saturday that Fallujah was out of government control, with ISIL militants holding the city. Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces are reported to have killed 55 Al-Qaeda-linked fighters in two areas near the city of Ramadi on Saturday.

Egypt vows 'full force' against Brotherhood

Egypt vowed on Saturday to confront Muslim Brotherhood protests with "full force," as security officials said 17 people had been killed in nationwide clashes the previous day. The Brotherhood, which demands the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, has organized near-daily protests despite its designation last month as a terrorist organization. The designation carries harsh prison sentences for members arrested during demonstrations or leaders of the influential Islamist movement.

Suspected Saudi militant dies in Lebanese custody

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The suspected leader of an Al Qaeda-linked militant group that claimed responsibility for bombing the Iranian embassy in Beirut two months ago died in custody on Saturday, security sources said. Majid bin Muhammad al-Majid, a Saudi national who was wanted by authorities in his own country, had been suffering from kidney failure and went into a coma on Friday, the sources said. He died in a military hospital in Beirut, they added.

Ariel Sharon's complicated legacy: 'The Bulldozer' to some, 'Butcher of Beirut' to others

Admired by some and reviled by others, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon earned many nicknames during his tenure.

Activists accuse World Bank of deadly dealings in Honduras

WASHINGTON — Honduras may not sound like an easy sell for international investment. But that has not dissuaded the World Bank. However, after reports of vicious fighting on Honduras' African palm plantations, some are questioning whether the bank's money is doing more harm than good.

As Iraq spirals, the Kurds take advantage

ERBIL, Iraq — Violence in Iraq has reached new heights. And the semi-autonomous Kurdish north could be set to capitalize on all the instability.

Spate of violence continues in Beirut with latest bombing claiming 5 lives (VIDEO)

Violence from the war in neighboring Syria has crept into Lebanon, after Hezbollah sent fighters to aid Assad.

Guantanamo: Three Uighurs to be sent to Slovakia, 155 detainees remain

The United States released the last three ethnic Uighurs from its military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on Tuesday.

In Egypt, the regime moves to snuff out the Muslim Brotherhood

CAIRO — The designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group marks a deep divide in Egyptian society, fueling suppression not only of the Brotherhood but of the broader democratic opposition as well.
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