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8 ways Cuba has mastered the art of diplomacy to get what it wants

HAVANA — Whatever you think of Cuba’s one-party communist state and 55 years of Castro & Castro rule, the island’s diplomats deserve a big red star.

These are the 29 foreign nationals executed in the US since 1976

US authorities failed to inform the arrested foreign nationals that they had the right to seek consular assistance under Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. In 2004, the International Court of Justice found that the United States had violated the Vienna Convention in dozens of cases involving the arrest and prosecution of Mexican citizens.

Fidel Castro reappears in public

Havana, Jan 9 (EFE).- Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro reappeared in public for the inauguration of an art studio in Havana that coincided with the 55th anniversary of his triumphal entry into the capital, official media said Thursday. The 87-year-old Fidel, whose last public appearance had been in April 2013, on Wednesday night attended the opening of the "Kcho estudio Romerillo, Laboratorio para el arte."

Cuba, land of the $250,000 family sedan

HAVANA — How to explain 2013 Peugeot sedans priced at more than $250,000? Or a used 2010 Volkswagen Passat at $70,000? Even worn-out, Chinese-made Geelys — some of the world’s cheapest cars — are listed at more than $30,000. Cuban officials managing the island’s state-run economy may actually have a very good reason.

Obama shakes hands with Cuba's Castro at Mandela memorial

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday shook hands with Raul Castro, leader of long-time Cold War foe Cuba, at the Nelson Mandela memorial service.

Cuban consular mission needs a new bank in the US

Cuba announced Tuesday that it was shutting down its consular services in the United States after saying that no bank would handle its business.

At Mariel port, Cuba follows Chinese blueprint

HAVANA — President Raul Castro’s government is building its own version of a Chinese-style economic zone on the banks of the Mariel Bay, 30 miles west of Havana, where the laws of scientific Marxism will not apply. Can it succeed?

Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba win seats on the UN Human Rights Council

“For the UN to elect Saudi Arabia as a world judge on human rights would be like a town making a pyromaniac into chief of the fire department.”

8 critically endangered species to appreciate while you still can

Here are eight species considered "Critically  Endangered" by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. They are awesome. Please don't let them die.

Obama mulls a new home for Gitmo detainees — in Yemen

Yemeni and US officials are discussing the construction of a secure facility in Yemen to house Guantanamo Bay detainees. The talks represent welcome progress after a long period of official mistrust between the Obama administration and the Yemeni government, which has called US detention of Yemenis without due process 'clear-cut tyranny.' But advocates, though they support the repatriation of detainees, are concerned the facility could be just another 'Guantanamo with window dressing.'
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