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Fighting corruption at India's universities

Photo Caption: A local resident speaks behind the Indian national flag during a demonstration near the Oberoi Trident hotel in Mumbai, Dec. 12, 2008. (Jayanta Shaw/Reuters) NEW DELHI, India — On July 17 last year, Indians woke up to read that the country’s Central Bureau of Investigation had raided the powerful federal regulator of India’s engineering colleges.

Africa's ambitious go overseas

NEW YORK — John Mumo and Al-Amin Kheraj sit in a bustling cafe in lower Manhattan talking about their futures. As recent college graduates, their excitement is tempered by the slow economy. “I want a legit gig at home but in order to do that I need more school,” said Kheraj, a witty 23-year-old from Tanzania.

Soweto principal transforms school

SOWETO, South Africa — When Mduduzi Maphindikazi Mathe took charge of Bhukulani Secondary School in Soweto, the sprawling township south of Johannesburg, the dilapidated school was on the verge of being shut down. The buildings had no window panes or doors, and the classrooms were sparsely equipped with broken chalkboards and too few desks. “It was terrible,” said Mathe. “This school was a mess.”

How David Cameron doesn't represent change

OXFORD, United Kingdom — The British election has finally ended. After a few twists and turns what seemed inevitable a few months ago has come to pass: David Cameron is prime minister. Cameron ran on the simple slogan "Time for Change." And while he might change some things about this country, one thing will stay the same: Oxford University will continue to exercise disproportionate influence on British political life.

Championing disabled students

Photo caption: A student in Kalsdorf, Austria, who has benefited from Brigitte Petritsch's advocacy of inclusion. (Rainer Max Wegscheidler)

A school for Manila's slums

Photo caption: Children are silhouetted as they fly kites made of plastic and twigs collected from garbage at a slum area in Manila Feb. 23, 2010. (Cheryl Ravelo/Reuters) MANILA, Philippines — Jane Walker did not have an easy life growing up in Southampton, England. Shuttled back and forth between the homes of her divorced parents her family was, she says, "dysfunctional," requiring repeated visits by social workers to monitor her and her sister Angie’s well-being.

Chile's wired classrooms

Photo credit: Inauguration of the first Mobile Computer Laboratory at the Grenoble elementary school in the Quinta Normal district in Santiago, May 8, 2009. (Courtesy Enlaces, Education Ministry of Chile) SANTIAGO, Chile — Chile’s government spent years and more than $200 million putting computers and internet connections in almost every classroom of the country’s public schools. The kids were more than ready — but are the teachers?

Turkish program offers photographers a future

Photo caption: A photographer shoots backstage during New York Fashion Week, Feb. 16, 2010. Anadolu university thinks it has found a way forward for both the amateurs and professional photographers. (Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)

English teacher's helper

Photo caption: Cynthia Vargas will be among the English teachers to test out the new pilot program starting Monday, using laptops and learning software at more than 100 schools across Costa Rica. (Alex Leff/GlobalPost) SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — The melody sounded familiar, but not the lyrics. Entirely unconcerned about accuracy, a Costa Rican taxi driver was serenading his passenger with what he sensed could be the words — or at least sounds — to Elton John's "Sacrifice."

German families look to US for asylum

WASHINGTON — The doorbell rang early that morning in 2006, before the three oldest Romeike children had begun their schoolwork at the family’s kitchen table in Bissingen, Germany. Uwe Romeike peeked through a window and saw two police officers. Romeike’s heart stopped. He didn’t know what to do. He prayed the officers would go away if he didn’t answer the door. Instead, Romeike said, the officers left a voice message threatening to break in.
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