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Education: Teaching infrastructure and other new necessities

NEW DELHI, India — Last summer John Atchley was working for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and writing his application for a Fulbright scholarship to study India's water crisis when a serendipitous discovery of "The Power Broker" caused him to rethink his plans. Reading Robert A. Caro's book about the legendary urban planner Robert Moses and the building of New York, including its highway system, Atchley saw parallels to modern-day India.

Teaching Twitter in Havana

Photo caption: Yoani Sanchez sits with her computer in her apartment in Havana, Oct. 3, 2007. Sanchez runs a Blogger Academy out of her living room. (Claudia Daut/Reuters) HAVANA, Cuba — As an educational institution, Cuba’s Blogger Academy suffers from a few notable deficiencies. Its six-month course doesn’t grant an accredited degree, and its single, cramped classroom — the living room of founder Yoani Sanchez — isn’t even hooked up to the internet.

If you dig maps, history, and open-source tinkering, the New York Public Library just made your week

The New York Public Library's new digital map map collection is your new favorite procrastination tool. It's also a tool that allows you create cartographical history.

2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominees include Malala, Pope Francis ... Putin?

This year's nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize include Pope Francis, Malala Yousafzai, Edward Snowden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Edward Snowden elected rector of Glasgow University

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is the new student rector at Glasgow University.

Syria: President Assad's Instagram feed vs reality

The Syrian administration's official Instagram feed is obviously in the business of making the regime look good. There are plenty of pictures of Assad's stately wife, Asma, kneeling to speak to a Syrian child. There are no pictures of the other 5 million children in need of assistance as a result of the ongoing conflict. There are no pictures of war.

7 of the most badass women who ever lived (who you've probably never heard of)

For centuries, women all over the world have fought and ruled, written and taught. They’ve done business, explored, revolted and invented. They’ve done everything men have done — and a lot of things they haven’t. The women who shaped our planet are too many to mention, so here are just a few of the most frankly badass females of all time.

Just how bad is tuberculosis in North Korea?

SEOUL — Visiting North Korea is by no means easy. You typically need to bring an asset that the country’s ruling elite desperately needs — such as hard cash to spend on a canned tourist trip, or a willingness to let the regime wrest propaganda benefits from your reputation as an eccentric American basketball player. So it’s telling that since 2008, a team from Stanford University has been allowed to visit several times each year to help address the country’s soaring tuberculosis problem.

8 reasons Uruguay’s not all that

MONTEVIDEO — This country’s nice and all, but it’s also got some pretty significant downfalls that have been mentioned in the briefest of terms among all the recent fluff. So here’s some bitching and moaning from someone who’s spent more than a couple of days in Uruguay, and who reckons most of you should actually think twice before packing your bags and moving down here.
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