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US college students now owe a crippling average of $29,400 when they graduate: report

The student debt burden is up since four years ago, when 68 percent of the class of 2008 borrowed to pay for their bachelor’s degree, and borrowers owed an average of $23,450.

Ron Burgundy tries to save journalism

BOSTON — Some days drip with historic and journalistic import. D-Day springs to mind. Neil Armstrong on the moon. Nelson Mandela freed from prison in South Africa. And then there was today — Dec. 4, 2013 — otherwise known as Ron Burgundy Day at Emerson College.

Asian students dominate math and reading as US stagnates, OECD tests show (VIDEO)

Two things we know thanks to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: first, students from Shanghai and Singapore are adding to their advantages when it comes to math. Second, Helen can really rip on the back of her new bicycle. After testing more than a half-million 15-year-old boys and girls from 65 regions, the OECD released findings on Tuesday from its Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Egypt's students rise up

CAIRO — Egyptian security forces clashed with student demonstrators in central Cairo on Sunday after thousands rallied in anger at the death of a young engineering student. Mohamed Reda was shot Thursday by riot police after joining anti-regime protests at Cairo University. The young man’s fate has fueled defiance across the nation’s campuses, which continue to experience their most violent period since the 2011 revolution.

No one opposes Putin in Russia. It says so right in the history books

MOSCOW  — Russian authorities are looking to finally set the record straight about more than 1,000 years of conquest, suffering and achievement by commissioning a unified textbook to be introduced nationwide. But some observers are worried the project may become an instrument of the Kremlin’s increasingly prominent patriotism campaign, meaning that a reconciliation of Russia’s troubled history would remain far off.

Google’s Cultural Institute is like a treasure bath for your eyes

This massive digital collection is a geeky love song to human civilization.

It's getting ugly in Sofia: Bulgarian students barricade university

SOFIA — Students are at the epicenter of a five-month protest movement against the corruption and nepotism many Bulgarians say has plagued every administration since the fall of communism in 1989.

British students cause outrage with ‘distasteful’ Twin Towers costumes

The British public and 9/11 victims groups are condemning two British university students for dressing up as the burning Twin Towers for Halloween.
Skyscraper city economy 6 20111005Enlarge
The twin towers of the World Trade Center after hijacked airliners crashed into them on September 11, 2001. (HENNY RAY ABRAMS/AFP/Getty Images)
"The insensitivity level for this act of ignorance is topped by none,” John Feal, president of New York-based 9/11 victims’ organization The FealGood Foundation, told The Sun.

A tiny Ethiopian village creates the greatest place on Earth. Or the worst

AWRA AMBA, Ethiopia — For decades, governments and NGOs have been trying to find ways to break the aid dependence that has dominated much of post-colonial Africa. So when the small northern Ethiopian village of Awra Amba, population 460, found its own way to reduce poverty and increase development, officials from the national government to the World Bank sat up and paid attention.

Red-headed children attacked during ‘Kick a Ginger Kid Day’ at UK school

Students in south Yorkshire were beaten after classmates organized a campaign against redheads.
Carrot top Enlarge
The red-haired comedian Carrot Top. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The incident appeared to have been inspired by a recent episode of the American television series, “South Park.”
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