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Honduras holds general elections amid tight security

Nearly 30,000 police and soldiers have been deployed to ensure security on election day in Honduras, known as one of the region's poorest states and the world's murder capital, with an average of 20 people killed a day.

Honduras to decide if military police or gangsters run the streets

TEGUCIGALPA — With violent crime-plagued Honduras going to the polls Sunday, the leading candidates — who are neck and neck in recent polls — have turned the military police into a political football, leaving a vulnerable public caught in the middle.

Here's a plan to end the conflict in Syria: support Assad

Commentary: The US should back Assad now, end the fighting, and set conditions for his departure and a democratic transition.
Syria spy 2013 10 23Enlarge
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attends an Arab-African joint summit in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte in 2010. (KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)
Commentary: The US should back Assad now, end the fighting, and set conditions for his departure and a democratic transition.

Chile leans left again

LIMA — Michelle Bachelet’s imminent return to the Chilean presidency could mark a watershed for the Latin American left.

Michelle Bachelet wins first round in Chile's presidential election

"We knew that it would be tough to win on the first round, we worked really hard, and we almost did it," Bachelet told supporters late Sunday. "We did win tonight, and we are going to work hard to win comfortably in December."

Chris Christie wins re-election in New Jersey

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was re-elected Tuesday by a large margin, in a victory likely to bolster the spirits of a Republican party still smarting from the government shutdown.

Is Kyrgyzstan still Central Asia’s poster child for democracy?

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Aibek Baratov is surprisingly mild-mannered for someone local police have come to fear. Fiddling with his car keys at a shady café off a central square in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, the 31-year-old social media activist explains how he catches policemen on film violating traffic laws before sharing the footage on Facebook and Twitter.

Argentina's ruling party takes a hit in mid-term elections

The government's coalition was left with only a slim majority in both legislative chambers after Sunday's elections, leaving the arena wide open for potential successors to take the stage.

Giorgi Margvelashvili wins Georgian presidential election: exit polls

Margvelashvili, 44, has won 66 to 68 percent of the vote, according to exit surveys, in an election that pitted him against a member of the current president’s party.

Narendra Modi could be India’s next prime minister. So why won’t he talk to his wife?

AHMEDABAD, India — For any world-class politician, an articulate, telegenic or otherwise appealing spouse is an obvious asset. Think Carla Bruni, Peng Liyuanor or even Hillary Clinton. But the man who many believe will become India’s prime minister after the May 2014 elections has an unusual relationship with his wife. They are still married, but decades of silence separate them, her family tells GlobalPost.
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