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The Earth Project: Electric Solutions

A new solar oven being introduced in Madagascar helps prevent deforestation while storing energy from the sun.

India to be world's largest coal importer by 2017

Coal to surpass oil as world's largest energy source by 2017, due to heavy demand from China and India.
India coal importerEnlarge
Coal is set to surpass oil as as the world’s top fuel source by around 2017, as China and India surpass the US as the largest consumers, the International Energy Agency forecast on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

Coal is slated to surpass oil as the world's top fuel source by 2017, as consumption in China and India outstrips the US.

China and India lead the growth in coal consumption over the next five years, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. The report said China's demand for coal will become the world's top consumer during that period, while India will become the largest seaborne coal importer and second-largest consumer, surpassing the US.

"The world will burn around 1.2 billion more tonnes of coal per year by 2017 compared to today, equivalent to the current coal consumption of Russia and the US combined,"India's Hindu newspaperquoted IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven as saying. "Coal’s share of the global energy mix continues to grow each year, and if no changes are made to current policies, coal will catch oil within a decade.”


Nuclear power in developing countries? Let’s talk about it

Commentary: Ineffective stakeholder engagement could derail nuclear projects in emerging markets
Nuclear energy doha 2012 12 14Enlarge
Two reactors from a nuclear power plant in southwestern France. (Eric Cabanis/AFP/Getty Images)
With annual negotiations on a global climate change in Doha, Qatar just completed, it is clear that the world is failing to meet the challenge to reduce carbon emissions. As countries squabble about low-carbon investment funds, historical responsibility, and “climate compensation,” one proven low-carbon technology is being left out of the discussion: nuclear power.

Geminid meteor shower tonight

The Geminid meteor puts on a show tonight.

Eastern Europe says “nyet” to Russian gas

  KYIV, Ukraine — Moscow flexed its geopolitical muscles last week with the welding together of two pipes in southern Russia: the formal launch of construction on a new natural gas pipeline to southern Europe. However, it’s not clear how well that strategy will work as countries in Central and Eastern Europe that rely heavily on Russian gas begin to diversify their supplies. New alternative sources are pushing down global prices and raising serious questions about Gazprom and its long-term strategy. The energy landscape is changing even in Ukraine, the very symbol of energy dependence on Russia.

Doha climate talks produce more hot air

DOHA — The latest round of UN climate change talks will probably be remembered as the final resting place of the Kyoto protocol on climate change, done in by financial woes a lack of engagement by the United States. As negotiators grappled with developing a new framework to go into effect by 2020, the talks wound down with no agreement on the key issues of financing and carbon permits, amid an atmosphere of disappointment and acrimony.

Russia to break ground on new gas pipeline to Europe

MOSCOW — After years of brinksmanship with European rivals, Gazprom is launching construction Friday on a major new pipeline it hopes will forge greater European dependence on its energy. But at a time of diversifying global energy supplies, experts are split over whether the Russian energy giant’s South Stream pipeline will be a boon or drain for the Kremlin.

Ob River may be first tanker to sail across Arctic

Ob River may become to first oil tanker to sail across the Arctic during winter, the BBC reports. Carrying liquefied natural gas, the ship left Hammerfest, Norway on Nov. 7th 2012, and is currently sailing through the Arctic Ocean. You can track the ship on this website.

Mexico's Pemex finds new petroleum reserve

"This is one of the biggest discoveries in the last 10 years, particularly onshore," Mexico's outgoing President Felipe Calderon said.

Kuala Lumpur: 10,000 protest rare earth plant over health concerns

Nearly 10,000 people took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur Sunday to protest the opening of Australia-based mining company Lynas' new rare earth plant.
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