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Brits head to polls in uncertain election

LONDON, U.K. — Britons are flocking to the polls today to cast their ballots in the most unpredictable election in at least three decades. Early morning turnout was brisk with London voters waiting in queues for 25 minutes and longer before getting to the voting booth.

A supermodel's life in Russia

Naomi Campbell went on "Oprah" this week to talk about life in the Russian capital, which she has called home since her relationship with real estate tycoon Vladislav "Vlad" Doronin took off a couple of years ago.

Championing disabled students

Photo caption: A student in Kalsdorf, Austria, who has benefited from Brigitte Petritsch's advocacy of inclusion. (Rainer Max Wegscheidler)

Anger and tragedy in Athens

Athens had been bracing for Wednesday's general strike and protest march — but even the most cynical would have been unlikely to predict how tragic events would turn. Huge numbers were expected, as were clashes between protesters and police. But the deaths of three bank employees, who were trapped in a building set alight by rioters, has left the nation shocked and shaken.

Analysis: Italian mafia brokering Mexican drug trade

NEW YORK — This Friday, mafia boss and notorious narco-trafficker Vincenzo Roccisano is scheduled to appear before a Nassau County judge after his February arrest, at a Long Island restaurant, for illegally re-entering the United States. Four years ago, Roccisano was deported from the U.S. to Italy after serving a 20-year sentence for routing drugs from Latin America to Europe. Roccisano’s arrest may look like a throwback to decades past when Italian mafiosi — not Mexican traficantes — controlled the flow of drugs.

Portuguese professionals flee to Angola

POMBAL, Portugal — In a country enduring its highest unemployment in decades, the list of jobs on offer looks very tempting: financial director for a leading retail chain; sales manager in consumer electronics; air-conditioning technician; computer systems engineer; communications consultant. The online employment agency's advertisements for well-paid, skilled workers seem endless. There’s just one catch: the jobs are all a continent away, in Angola.

Greek debt crisis: The revolt begins?

BOSTON — Things are turning ugly in Greece. Three people were reportedly killed in Athens Wednesday, after protesters set a bank ablaze — the first fatalities of the widespread unrest now gripping the unhappy Greek capital. Tens of thousands of Greeks are irate at their government's response to the country's growing debt crisis, particularly its plans to slash 30 billion euros ($38 billion) from its budget over the next two years and to raise taxes.

Top 10 loser bombers

BOSTON — We begin with a simple truism: All bombers are losers. Now consider our list of the top-10 "loser bombers" — well, nine of them would-be bombers whose equipment, strategy, conviction or brains failed them when it mattered most, and one (very) amateur Kamikaze pilot. What all 10 have in common is beyond question — they failed to achieve much more than either getting arrested or getting killed. 

Why David Cameron visited Northern Ireland

BELFAST, Northern Ireland ─ British Conservative leader David Cameron visited Northern Ireland Tuesday, but people here are scratching their heads and asking, why did he bother?

The British election: A guide

LONDON, United Kingdom — The jockeying for position has begun. The closest British election in four decades is heading for a melodramatic finish with operatives already trying to spin public opinion in case the British electorate on Thursday fails to give a party the majority it needs to form a government. Here is a simple guide to understanding the current situation — and why the vote this week may only be phase one in a complicated story:
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