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Irish pubs face last call

ATHENRY, Ireland — Inside Ray Glynn’s looks much like any Irish pub you’d find in Thailand, Uganda or Dubai. There’s Guinness on tap, Jameson behind the bar and sports on a flat-screen television. There’s a difference, however: At 7:30 on a recent Sunday evening, when students would once have reliably been crammed inside, Glynn’s was empty but for three patrons.

Hefty Mexico wants to slim down. Does Mayor Bloomberg have the answer?

MEXICO CITY — The lower house of congress has approved a 5 percent tax on fatty foods and soft drinks — a levy widely known here as the “Bloomberg tax,” referring to New York City's outgoing fat-fighting mayor — in an effort to combat a spreading obesity pandemic.

Want better sperm? Eat less bacon and more fish, study says

Trying to make a baby? Eat less bacon and more fish, guys, a new study suggests.

What do they put in Oreo cookies anyway, crack? No, but funny you ask...

It turns out the “white horse” is just as addictive as the “white and black horse.”

Tough times for fish and chips

ESHER, UK — It was Britain’s original fast food — a slab of battered and deep-fried white fish served in a nest of piping-hot fries, preferably rolled in a sheet of paper. The UK still loves its fish and chips. But for the humble “chippy” — the nickname of the walk-in restaurants where the dish is sold — these are tough times.

Three Americans try to get Germans to drink ... beer

BERLIN — Many of the world’s great variety of beers are almost unknown here because Germans tend to drink one kind: Pilsener. However, the parochial attitude may be disappearing: Although the German light, dark and Pilsener varieties of lager and seasonal varieties such as the wheat-based Hefeweizen overwhelmingly dominate the market, the popularity of microbreweries and brewpubs is growing quickly.

George Clooney wants you to drink this coffee

NAIROBI — The Hollywood star says the coffee industry could be 'game-changing' for South Sudan. He might be right. As the massive global industry wakes up to South Sudan’s untapped potential resource, purveyors of joe from Texas to Switzerland are turning an eye toward the newly independent country.

Things rich people do: have 'receipt wars'

Ever hear the one about the Russian millionaire who walked into a bar? He met this other Russian millionaire there and they proceeded to try to one-up each other in terms of what they could purchase and ingest. The punchline? More than $200,000 in combined bar tabs over the course of three hours. 

Koalas are getting pretty hot (PHOTOS)

How do you know it's hot in Australia? Because pictures of cuddly koalas accosting humans and begging them for water are circulating on the web again. Well, that and all the news reports about how it's obscenely hot in Australia.  
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