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Police block Facebook fans

French police block Facebook party

PARIS, France — It was the giant cocktail party that wasn’t. Police barricades and bag checks greeted revelers arriving at what was supposed to be France's largest boozy Facebook gathering to date. 

Supersize me: cigarette round

PARIS, France — It only takes a short walk in the narrow streets of Paris to understand that smoking is an essential part of French culture, where it is tradition to light up while sitting outside a cafe. The word "cigarette" is even French in origin.

Amid melee, spontaneous voices from the burqa ban debate

What was supposed to be a debate about the Islamic veil and the law seeking to ban full-face coverings in public turned into a confused shouting match and brawl that required police intervention to restore order. The woman’s rights group, Ni Putes, Ni Soumises (Neither Whores, Nor Submissives) whose members wholly support the ban, organized the debate at an elementary school in the Paris surburb of Montreuil on the eve of Wednesday's presentation of the draft legislation to the Council of Ministers.

Sarkozy backs Greece

 Top News: The volcanic ash cloud nightmare still haunts France, with a second major eruption that caused further airport disruptions in northern Europe and affected air traffic in southern France.

NATO contemplates a broader mission

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Eleven years ago, few people other than south-Asia watchers had any idea what the Taliban was, much less could have imagined why more than 100,000 soldiers would be needed to fight it. At that time, the world’s premier military alliance, NATO, had never fought a ground war, operated outside of Europe, or invoked its Article 5 collective-defense clause.  But Sept. 11, 2001 changed everything for the alliance. Well, almost everything.

Caste and chaos in Cannes

Things don’t often look the same on television as they do in reality — and the Cannes Film Festival is no exception. As a Frenchman, I have watched the festival on TV pretty much my entire life, admiring glamorous actresses in outrageous evening gowns and envying the great filmmakers who get to walk down the red carpet. In the background, I would always see the crowd cheering, trying to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Who is to blame when giant cocktail parties are organized on Facebook?

The massive cocktail parties that have already left one young man dead and several people injured are raising questions without obvious answers in the age of social media — notably, who is responsible? Answer: No one.

The history of French brothels

EU leaders defend the euro

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