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Yves Saint Laurent takes Paris — again

PARIS, France — The iconic French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died almost two years ago, is all over Paris this spring.

French immigrants and their supporters call for "24 Hours Without Us"

Borrowing a page from the United States, French immigration activists called for “24 hours Without Us: Day Without Immigrants” but Monday’s action was expected to be more symbolic than anything else. Immigrants and their supporters are being asked not to work or consume goods in order to show the effect of their absence on the economy and to highlight the importance of immigration to France.  It is not clear how the success of the protest will be measured.

Rain and wind batter France, result in deaths, canceled flights

The storm’s secondary effects included as many as 100 canceled flights, like mine to Berlin. For the first time ever in all my years of traveling, I was told to go home and come back the next day. I had officially become a statistic.

French warship sale to Russia strains NATO

PARIS, France — It might have been the premise of a post-Cold War fictional thriller by author John Le Carre. Instead France’s decision to sell a Mistral-class warship to Russia is causing consternation among NATO allies, raising anxiety about future instability among Russia’s neighbors and drawing criticism from observers.

Opinion: Why France is right about the burqa

PARIS, France — In his 2009 Cairo address to the Muslim world, U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned no fewer than three times the issue of the headscarf, or hijab. Each time, his purpose was to stress "the right of women and girls to wear the hijab" — but never their right not to wear it. Needless to say, Obama’s stance did not gain him popularity among a large portion of Muslim women who had been angling to be free of the hijab  for quite some time.

Lyon's gastronomic cutting edge

LYON, France — Walk the staircases and corridors of l’Institut Paul Bocuse, and the lions of French gastronomy follow your every move. Their portraits hang on the walls and their names are printed, always at eye level, on signage and placards throughout the renovated Chateau de Vivier in France’s gastronomic capital. Escoffier. Troisgros. Point. Robuchon. Brazier. And, of course, Bocuse himself — a seminal French chef of the 20th century.

Why steal an Irish passport?

This Irish Times article hit too close to home for Tom Hayes, who recently spoke to GlobalPost for a story on in-flight theft about losing his passport during a flight from Chicago to Brussels.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ...

A French decision this week to sell Russia an entire class of helicopter assault warships will raise some interesting questions about NATO's relationship, on the one hand, to

In-flight theft: Watch your wallet

PARIS, France — By the time Gregory Hendricks noticed his wife’s passport was missing during their Paris-bound flight from Washington Dulles International airport, it was already too late. After they arrived at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport, the Hendricks were escorted through a security checkpoint to board a return flight home.

Was the daughter of Kiev's mayor robbed or not?

More than 4 million euros in jewelry is the amount a suspected robber allegedly made off with during a smash and grab on a highway north of Paris. The victim was the daughter of Kiev’s mayor. Even more incredible, the robber apparently dropped about $10,000 in stolen cash while trying to escape.
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