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A sinking continent?

Opinion: It's liberty at stake in a warming world

Opinion: At Copenhagen, the US must seize the moment to preserve liberty for future generations.

97 percent, 49 billion, and 3 other convincing climate change numbers

LIMA — United Nations climate experts are warning that time is rapidly running out to avert global catastrophe. GlobalPost takes a look at some key climate change statistics from their new report and other studies.

Australia’s war on science

SYDNEY — Scientists here in Australia say they’ve discovered their foe: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since he came to power in September, some of Australia’s finest researchers point out that their budgets have been slashed. They say their expertise is being ignored in favor of the views of skeptics with a dubious commitment to the facts.

8 scary (but very real) risks we all face if climate change goes unchecked

Global temperatures just 2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels would carry 'considerable' risks, while temperatures 4 degrees higher would bring 'catastrophic' change.

This is what politicians debating global warming will look like soon

Awesome new street art unintentionally shames our leaders into paying attention to climate change.

In good years, snowy owls build nests out of dead lemmings

'They will eat pretty much anything they can jam down their throats.' Including dolphins.
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