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Slowdown in global warming only temporary, climate scientists say

A slowing in global warming that climate sceptics say undermines the greenhouse theory is simply a "hiatus" from higher temperatures, scientists said on Wednesday. Grasping one of the thorniest issues in climate politics, the researchers said the recent slowdown lies in a natural but temporary cooling in the tropical Pacific Ocean. "The current hiatus is part of natural climate variability," they said.

Climate change fueling a growth spurt in California's giant redwood trees

It's not often that good news comes out of a report on climate change but California's giant trees are enjoying an unprecedented growth spurt that may be spurred on by global warming.

Cutting soot, methane does less to counter global warming than we thought: study

"If we want to stabilize the climate system, we need to focus on greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Concentrating on soot and methane alone is not likely to offer much of a shortcut."

New records broken for loss of sea ice and greenhouse gases in 2012

Overall, 2012 was among the top 10 on record for global land and surface temperature, said the State of the Climate report issued annually by researchers in Britain and the United States.

Chile is trying a promising approach to cutting air pollution

Commentary: Pricing stability is enabling new investment in renewable energy.
Chile air pollutionEnlarge
This 2006 photo shows the city of Santiago, Chile covered in a later of smog. (MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)
Air pollution can be addressed on many levels, but the best approach is one that is close to the people. Individual countries and localities have proven to be successful in the fight to protect the environment and create jobs at the same time. The international goal of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius can be reached. Encouraging this thinking is that localities in developing countries have stepped up to the challenge by spearheading changes that work best for them. Dozens of so-called Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, or NAMAs, are being used, increasingly, to cut emissions, promote sustainable development and reduce poverty.

'North Pole lake' totally normal, no reason to panic about global warming

It turns out the “North Pole lake” wasn’t much of a lake after all. And, even if it was, open water where we’d expect frozen tundra is normal, climate scientists said. Oh, and the camera used to take the hotly discussed photos wasn’t exactly at true north, not to mention the water is frozen again. Images taken from a webcam posted at the North Pole went viral last week, with some decrying the images as signs of our impending doom.

Climate change’s nasty new natural disaster: ‘Himalayan tsunamis’

NEW DELHI — This summer’s devastating “Himalayan tsunami” is a grim omen for the future of the millions of people living downstream from the majestic mountain range.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef slips into 'poor' health

Australia admitted Wednesday conditions at the Great Barrier Reef are "poor" as it battles UNESCO threats to downgrade its heritage status over concerns about pollution and development.

Antarctica: Hidden Lake Vostok teeming with life, study says

Buried under 2 miles of ice, a giant hidden lake in Antarctica contains a "surprising" variety of life.

June's flash-floods in Uttarakand, India leave devastation akin to an inland tsunami

  LACHMOLI, India — Ninety-year-old Sarita’s sunken eyes stared into the damp earth that had flooded into the terrace of her one bedroom house. Her two grandchildren played nearby in the mud. Sarita’s only son, a widower, had gone to the Kedar valley to work during the busy pilgrimage season. Two weeks after the disaster, she had no news from him. “Who will take care of [the children]?” she mumbled as we distributed food to the children. “I don’t know if my son is alive or dead.”
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