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Have you gone green between the sheets?

Virtually every aspect of the average person’s life can have some environmental impact. With more environmental awareness, we’ve begun to recognize that our driving habits create emissions, we generate waste through day-to-day living in our homes, and we abuse energy sources by using inefficient appliances. Most of us are trying to make small changes to reduce our environmental impact in these areas. But, there is one aspect of life that few have even considered as having environmental repercussions: sex.

How species are categorized as "most threatened" may surprise you

Recently, a report from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) unveiled shocking numbers.

Global water shortages brought to light by World Water Day

Water shortages affect human populations everywhere. Countires in Asia, the Arab world, Africa and elsewhere, struggle with access to clean water sources. In Peru, resourceful individuals have come up with a solution that allows them to use water for basic luxuries like bathing, cooking and irrigation.

Green jobs thrive despite the economy

As much of the world tries to change their personal habits to decrease their environmental impact, the careers of individuals often increases their carbon footprint. Even environmental advocates need to pay the bills and in a suffering economy, they can’t be too picky about job opportunities.

Bangalore's traffic nightmare

BANGALORE, India — There is nothing predictable about Bangalore’s traffic, unless you count the nightmarish daily gridlocks, the work-in-progress state of the roads with their semi-complete traffic overpasses and a metro system under construction. But now, a million workers in this teeming technology and outsourcing capital of India may have a new-found commuting savior — technology.

How oceans protect themselves from climate change

Not everyone’s aware that there are functioning volcanoes at the bottom of the world’s largest ocean. What’s even more interesting is the role they play in protecting the bodies of water from climate change. Oceans absorb a large percentage of the greenhouse gases emitted universally. When phytoplankton, which lives in the ocean, dies it absorbs the C02 from the underwater environment and traps it at the bottom of the ocean.

Earth Hour controversy

Earth Hour takes place in North America and other countries around the world to help promote environmental awareness on Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 p.m. In honor of Earth Hour, people are encouraged to turn off their lights and avoid using electricity for an hour.

Global Green Guide: Tips for home energy conservation

Despite our best intentions, we can’t all live in homes that run strictly on solar power and recycled rain water. Think of the costs and logistics. That doesn’t mean that we can’t still go green with our homes in order to save the environment and a few cents along the way. 

Asia's nuclear dilemma

Asian governments are saying they can't fight global warming without more nuclear power.

North America’s tiger population endangered due to improper regulation

The World Wildlife Fund is taking advantage of the fact that it’s the Year of the Tiger in many Asian countries, and is spreading awareness about the threats posed to this endangered species.
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