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Massive earthquake strikes Chile

BOSTON — A  8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday. At least 122 people have been killed, with the toll expected to rise, and tsunami warnings have been issued for countries around the Pacific.

Money persuades Americans to embrace green gadgets

This week the Greener Gadget Conference took place in New York City, and while innovative products were unveiled and plans for making the world of electronics a little greener discussed, a new survey says consumers might not care enough.

Turning trash into fashion

ACCRA, Ghana — Quenching your thirst costs a few cents in Ghana’s capital city, where street vendors sell purified water in clear plastic bags. But environmental and public health costs are much higher. Empty sachets are tossed to the ground because there’s no comprehensive recycling program and few trash cans. The bags clog storm drains, which leads to flooding and increased risk of diseases like malaria.

On Location: Rajasthan, India — Cat fight

Olympic flower bouquets: does “green” describe more than their color?

The internet has been buzzing with people questioning why medal winners at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are receiving flower bouquets that have a close resemblance to everyone’s favorite green vegetable broccoli!

Pirates reach the Seychelles

VICTORIA, Seychelles — The Seychelles feels like the furthest from anywhere you have ever been: Thousands of miles of open Indian Ocean water stretch in every direction. That isolation is partly why the 115-island archipelago has become such a popular holiday destination. More than 900 miles off the coast of East Africa, the Seychelles is known for its paradise beaches, crystal waters, coral reefs and soaring granite peaks. The islands attract honeymooners and wealthy tourists to the many five-star resorts spread across the archipelago.

Making green choices: Share your story!

For a number of months, the Global Green Blog has been providing you with information about how to make smart, environmentally-sound choices and live a greener lifestyle. You’ve also been exposed to some ground-breaking green technology. Now that you’ve learned by reading, we’d like you to share your story. What do you do every day to help the environment? What would you like to see accessible to you in the future?

Cyprus: Could water shortage bring peace?

GECITKOY, Northern Cyprus — When Cyprus lay dry and parched with drought in 2008, Senol Akmehmet had to buy water shipped in by truck to keep his goats and sheep alive. He couldn’t plant any crops. The local reservoir, called Gecitkoy like Akmehmet’s village, dried up and disappeared.

Global Green Guides: most harmful sports to the environment

The winter Olympics in Vancouver is in full-swing, and it’s no secret that during the festivities there are protests taking place across the city. Residents of Vancouver and global environmental advocates alike are voicing their opinions on how harmful the Olympics are on nature and finances.
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