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International prosecutor in Kenya to press charges

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya’s shaky democracy is facing a defining struggle as the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court begins an investigation into political violence that is expected to lead him straight to Kenya’s wealthy and educated ruling elites. Argentine prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo arrived here last weekend for a five-day visit carrying with him the hopes of Kenyans desperate to see justice for the deaths of more than 1,100 people in violence that followed the last elections in 2007.

Opinion: Obama right to press Kenya to reform

BUNGOMA, Kenya — Not much has changed politically in Kenya since the violent clashes that erupted after the December 2007 presidential election and the power-sharing agreement that ended them in February 2008. Most of the reforms the power-sharing government agreed to implement have yet to materialize. The two factions appear more interested in fighting over who should run things than in getting things done.

Where to try pirates: Kenya? US?

NAIROBI, Kenya — Nine young Somali men were squeezed into the wood-paneled dock while overhead a ceiling fan battled vainly against the crushing coastal humidity that left judge, lawyers, accused and witness alike sweating in the shabby Kenyan courtroom. The suspects were accused of attempting to hijack the 21,000-ton MV Maria K in May last year.

Kenya horticulture exports stopped by volcano ash cloud

NAIROBI, Kenya — The dangers of an interconnected world are being felt in equatorial Kenya where a key part of the economy has ground to a halt because of Iceland's volcanic eruption close to the Arctic Circle. Last year vegetable and flower exports from Kenya were worth close to $1 billion, making it the biggest foreign exchange earner and contributing roughly one fifth of the entire economy.

Kenya: the business of running

ITEN, Kenya — In Iten, a village 8,000 feet above Kenya's Rift Valley, it sometimes seems that everyone can run the marathon in under 2 hours and 15 minutes. Elsewhere, this might be national record pace, but in Kenya running 11 minutes slower than the world record just isn't good enough. "You have to run under 2:10," said Edwin Letting, 33, while training to shave off three minutes of his personal best, 2:13, at Iten's dirt racetrack, which he shares with dozens of other runners, cows and sheep simultaneously.

Kenya throws zebras to the lions

SOYSAMBU CONSERVANCY, Kenya — Hidden among the umbrella-shaped acacia trees are walls of dull tarpaulin which form a funnel toward the ramp of a truck that waits with its back door open. It is chilly and quiet in the break-of-dawn light. Khaki-clad wildlife rangers wait in silence clutching long switches hacked from trees. Suddenly the morning hush is shattered by the thumping blades of a helicopter swooping low over the trees, then the sound of dozens of panicked hooves battering the dusty earth.

Opinion: East Africa integration deserves support

BUNGOMA, Kenya — Travelers crossing from Kenya to Uganda by road face a daunting line of trucks and cars at the border post at Malaba. Kenyan businessman who want to do business in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda must contend with buying goods and services in four different currencies with fluctuating exchange rates.

StreetLife: Moscow — An African in Russia

Kenya's middle class challenges political system

NAIROBI, Kenya — To the outside world Kenya used to mean safari parks, rare animals and that even rarer thing: the African success story. Then a violent response to an election in late 2007 caused death and destruction and Kenya took on a new meaning: visceral ethnic murder sparked by dangerously corrupt politics.

Malaria vaccine is in the works

NAIROBI, Kenya — A vaccine against malaria to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children a year could be available as early as 2012, according to African scientists who are testing the new drug.
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