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Where is Don Diego?

 Top News: The last sign of leading Mexican politician Diego Fernandez de Cevallos was his bloodstained truck found near his country ranch. The suspected kidnapping has shaken Mexico’s political and business class, reminding them that even the rich and powerful are not immune from the crime wave plaguing this nation.

On the agenda: Calderon in Washington

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — As Mexican President Felipe Calderon touches down in the city on a hill on Tuesday, he and U.S. President Barack Obama will have to cool a cross-border temperature that has heated up in recent months.

Reviving Mayan cuisine

QUINTANA ROO, Mexico — Arsenio Hau Uicab looked worried. Before him was a proposal that would directly link his close-knit village of Mayan descendents to the tourist hub on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. He sat with the head chef of Yaxche Restaurant, a popular eatery in Playa del Carmen. The restaurant wanted to make Hau Uicab and the entire community of Nuevo Durango its newest partner.

On Location: Juarez, Mexico — Riding with death

“Green light to invade Arizona”

 Top News: Mexico may be divided by a relentless drug war and harsh recession, but there is one thing that brings the nation back together: gringo repression. After Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed the SB1070 law on April 23 instructing local police to demand papers of anyone “suspected” of being an illegal immigrant, roars could be heard from Nogales to Mexico City.

Mexico: A phone call, a scream and a plea for help

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — On a Saturday morning this February, Rosario Garcia picked up her cell phone and heard the sound Mexicans have come to fear most: the scream of a loved one in trouble. “Mom, help me! Something horrible has happened,” said a voice so like that of her 33-year-old daughter that Rosario was sure it was she. “Paula, is that you?” she asked, panicked. “They have me in a car. I’ve been kidnapped,” answered the voice. Then a man came on the phone.

On Location: Puerto Dexthi, Mexico

Worldview: My old man

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Five thousand people have been murdered in this dying border city since 2008. The local newspaper, El Diario de Juarez, published this bleak statistic last week. The news coincides with reports that several U.S. border states are clamoring for more troops to cordon off Mexico’s unprecedented drug violence. Only the violence isn’t unprecedented. Nor is the deep American denial as to its origins.

Opinion: Where's plan B for Mexico?

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the other top U.S. officials who stopped by Mexico this week had nice things to say about President Felipe Calderon. Clinton used the same tone — in fact many of the same words — that high-profile Americans have used to describe Calderon in the past. She praised his courage and his fortitude. She made pro-forma promises about sharing the burden of the deadly drug war, beefing up institutions and guarding their 2,000-mile-long, shared border — indeed, a “21st Century Border."
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